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Zen Spine & Sport

Our mission is simple: provide cutting-edge chiropractic and movement-focused care to get you pain free and back to your healthy self. We listen to your goals and create a plan to overcome or even surpass limitations in your busy life.

Solutions We Provide

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Utilizing the world's best treatment options, you have found the
one-stop shop for those common pains and aches you just cannot get rid of.

Neck Pain

Ditch the nagging neck pain or tightness. See how our different treatments can sometimes give you instant relief.

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Sciatica/Back Pain

Tired of that constant pain in your low back or numbness or tingling down your leg? See how our very thorough and comprehensive screenings can find the true root cause and get you back on track.

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Waking up with a headache or feeling like your brain is in a fog? There could be multiple underlying causes that we can address.

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Carpal Tunnel/Elbow Pain

Numb or tingling fingers and hands? Pain on either side of your elbow with activity? We are here provinging the perfect treatment for you!

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Plantar Fasciitis

Can't walk without that constant heel or arch pain? Soft tissue therapy paired with other treatments we offer can get you back on your feet in no time!

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Jaw pain and clicking that gets worse with chewing? Check us out for great results.

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Why Choose Us?

What Makes Zen Spine & Sport Stand Out From the Rest?

Bringing a Hybrid Approach to Chiropractic

Most chiropractors spend 5 minutes performing a manual adjustment and send you out the door. Here we take the much-needed time and energy to really give you the best care you need. Providing countless other tools integrated on top of the manual adjustment.

Started in Davenport

Dr. Alex studied his doctorate of chiropractic at the world's first ever chiropractic college (Palmer) with rich Philosophy paired with an unmatched education. Palmer is the go-to school for chiropractors all across the nation.

Active Release Techniques

A.R.T. has been the gold standard for soft tissue care since 1984. Dr. Alex is one of two total current A.R.T. providers in the entire Des Moines area. Setting him once again above the rest to promise the best and most effective treatments.


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